Monthly Archives: March 2008

Themes: Blue Day

In our homeschool kindergarten we have started having theme days once a month. Our first one was “Blue Day.” Keep in mind we also have a lively 21 month old and 4 month old with us so we keep things pretty simple. Here are some of the ways we included blue in our day:

During our Bible time we read from Exodus that blue was used on the garments of the priests.

We made a list of all the blue things in the house.

We all wore something blue.

We made blue water to drink and blue cupcakes with blue icing for a special treat. 

       Lydia blue

         Lydia’s favorite part: cleaning up the bowl!

Madi blue

Looks like Madi enjoyed it, too!

 blue cupcakes

                                          The finished product!

I’ll admit, they were not the best tasting cupcakes, but we really had fun making them! One of my favorite things to do with the girls is bake. Recently I thought about how I am seeking to “teach younger women” and I realized I have two precious ones right under this roof that I have the privilege to teach. I was convicted to use more of our daily activities as teaching moments.