Monthly Archives: April 2009

Quiet Time for Kids Update

We have been fairly consistent in the mornings with “Quiet Time.” I wanted to give an update as I have been blessed to see the children know this is part of our day. For the original of what I am updating, click here!

Lydia (6 years old) is continuing to read her Bible in Dad and Mom’s bedroom by herself. She is not reading through Matthew anymore; she told me she looks for certain passages and reads those. Our Sunday School curriculum offers a take home sheet that includes questions to think about, Scriptures to read, and prayer suggestions. She goes through this sheet each day during her quiet time as well.

One day this past week, Madi (2 years old) went to look for Lydia. When she saw that Lydia was in our bedroom reading her Bible, she immediately went in the kids’ room, turned on her praise CD, and sat on her bed with her books without being told!

I am continuing to read my Bible aloud in the living room with Joshua (17 months) by my side. He looks at Bible story board books that we keep in a basket in the living room. We’ve had some great “conversations” about Job and Genesis as I read, following a chronological Bible reading plan!

The Point of the Gospel!!!