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We Will Arrive

Songs of Ascents

(Ps. 121) They are traveling to Jerusalem. Mountains stand between them. They long for help on their hard journey. They know the dangers but they also know that their foot will not slip on the mountainous journey because God will not allow it. He will protect them always for He does not sleep!

(Ps. 122) They arrive and they are glad! Their feet are standing within the city because the Lord did not let them slip. He was their help. He was their shade. He was the Keeper of their soul. He guarded their going out and their coming in.

This is what it will look like for those who travel to that great city, the heavenly Jerusalem where there is peace forevermore and God reigns upon the throne. We are sojourners in a foreign land. The journey is hard. But we have a faithful and powerful and holy King! We will arrive because of Him!