Monthly Archives: November 2013

The Journey

I feel off. Disconnected. Wandering around. Unable to think. Unstable. The image would look like me standing between two trains going in opposite directions really fast. Almost nauseous. The days are speeding by like those before finals or when a big paper is due. Yet…that’s just it. I don’t know. I’m riding a rickety raft with no paddle in a ditch with no water. I’m going no where…but some where. Is this mid-life crisis? Oh, I just noticed something. There. In the bottom of the ditch lay a huge rock. Old. What is it? Erosion all around but none on the Rock. Yes. Life is strange. I am strange. This post is strange. Yet I’m more aware of my alieness in this world. Sojourning is treacherous. Faith keeps walking & waiting. Looking & resting. I think I see him. He’s just……oh yes. He’s coming!