Daily Archives: July 2, 2008

“Ankleness” (Toddler translation: “Thankfulness”)

This morning I told the girls to go ahead and sit down at the table while I finished fixing their breakfast. Madi sat in Lydia’s seat which is by the window. As she looked out she said, “Ank You for couds! (toddler translation: Thank You for the clouds!) I brought them their plates, went back to the kitchen to get mine and overheard their conversation:

Madi (2 years old): Et’s eat, E-ya. (Let’s eat, Lydia.)

Lydia (6 years old): Let’s pray first.

Madi: Ank You…ow-melon, ank You…eggs, ank You…milk…Amen. (ThankYou for the watermelon, thankYou for the eggs, thank You for the milk, Amen.

Lydia: Momma! Madi prayed all by herself!

It was just one of those encouraging moments God graciously gives us. What a blessing to begin our day this way!