Daily Archives: August 12, 2008

A Question Concerning Teaching

How are we to teach? I am troubled by the approach some take at teaching these days. The nature of teaching must fit the situation I suppose. So, what should the nature of teaching be at a seminary?

First, let me state briefly what type of teaching I am troubled by and what type of teaching I long for. Often times teaching is basically an unbiased or biased view of the historical views on a certain topic. This part is great. I hope all teachers attempt to do this in their teaching. However, the teachers seems to stop right there. Should this be the case?

I think they should present their position as well with clarity. I want to here how they have wrestled with the Scriptures and how they came to conclusions. I want them to articulate their position with great precision. Not only are we seeing how the process of wrestling with and concluding on the truth of Scripture came about but we are seeing the thoughful presentation of those conclusions.

This process teaches me more than doctrines. I learn that it is hard to understand some things. I learn what attitude to have in approaching the Scriptures. I learn how to articulate a view. I learn how to answer questions and remain compassionate. All of this is seemingly being left out. I long for my teachers to do this. May our teachers teach us well.