Truth: How Did That Happen?

I once had no idea!!! As I encounter things that differ from what I believe to be true, I try to remember that I too did not know the truth. Whatever truth you might think of, often it is believed to be not true any longer. I have to be careful the way I write this post. For, I believe truth is truth–it does not change. However, things that were once true are now believed to be false. In fact, there is a new truth that has taken its place.
That does not mean the truth has changed. It simply means that truth is no longer believed and something false has taken its place.
I think an example will help (in this post I am not attempting to prove the following–yet). Many believe today that the local church is to have only one pastor (not elder or bishop). Yet the New Testament pattern plainly shows the pattern is to be a plurality of pastors. The New Testament also teaches that pastor, bishop, and elder are speaking of the same office in the church. So, when someone teaches the Scriptures and this topic arises many may think it is false because they have a different belief in its place. Therefore, the truth is now thought to be false and what is false is believed to be true.
In response to this teaching, some counter with, ” We can barely afford to pay one pastor, much less two.” Or, that part of Scripture is “for the Presbyterian or some other denomination that believes that way.” “We are a Baptist Church.” These are merely pragmatic excuses for not believing truth.
Now, I will go along way with those who do not believe things the way I do IF they give me biblical evidence. I think the former complaints to be pathetic.
I do not know exactly how truth gets distorted. I would not be surprised that due to such reasons given for not believing now resulted in the abandoning of it in history. Nevertheless, truth is truth. We must embrace what is true whether we have believed what is false for decades.
If you find yourself in this position what should you do? Well, the many times I encountered similar situations through seminary I would talk it out with my brothers in Christ. I would pray over the word and read it carefully. I would listen to sermons on the verses dealing with a particular issue. And I would move slow but remain teachable. We all have blind spots…which really bothers me. I hope I remember my own history.
Also, no matter which side you are on the delivery of truth is painful. It is painful to receive and painful to deliver. Imagine someone believing a superstition that ended the life of their child. Not only is it hard for that parent to hear the truth but it is also hard to tell that truth when it reveals an unnecessary deaf. Truth delivered and received with compassion is the proper way–God’s way!

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