Daily Archives: September 24, 2014

Wedgwood Baptist Church Gave Me a Gift

While living in Fort Worth, Tx, my family and I were members of Wedgwood Baptist Church. Many people have probably heard of this church because of the tragic shooting that occurred there. However, they are known for more things than that.

Just before we arrived, it became known to WBC that a fellow church near by was in danger of closing its doors. I don’t know the details of why this was so. However, I did see the response of Wedgwood. The pastor asked the congregation of 700+ if any would be willing to move their membership to this struggling church (Now that’s Kingdom-minded). The best I can remember 100+ accepted.

This struggling church was in a prime location. It was in need of people and life and funds. A light had grown dim but this surge of people brightened things up. Again, I do not have details but what I do know is the church is thriving and reaching people for Christ. Praise God for Kingdom-minded churches. Thank you Wedgwood.

I encountered a similar opportunity. The example of Wedgwood greatly influenced me to consider being Kingdom-minded. We were members of a great church. Great relationships. The decision was h.a.r.d. You would hope it’s hard to leave a church. Trust me…it was.

I promised in the last post to give more context to the decision I wrote about. As you can see, God used Wedgwood in that decision among many other things. We followed their example and are blessed. This was a precious gift…a gift by way of example…the gift of Kingdom-minded.