Daily Archives: June 17, 2017

Dear Small Church Pastor

I often listen to sermons by other pastors and benefit greatly from them. My soul is stirred and my mind challenged. I thank the Lord for the good gifts of these pastors to preach the word clearly and powerfully. 

However, sometimes the clarity causes me frustration. Some that I listen to are so good at word-smithing, their phrases are precise and memorable that it causes me to get down that I’m not as clear as I would like to be. 

Yet, many who I listen to are in a setting that allows them lots of time to prepare…and rightly so. They should be given to the word and prayer. With that said, not all situations are the same, hence the title. 

Furthermore, some of these pastors have researchers and assistants to aid them in their preparation. And it is this group that I probably listen to most. 

I have to remind myself that this is not my situation and that God can use the sermon prepared as he so chooses. But I have a suggestion to make for the pastor who feels frustrated like me. If you are married and have a family you do have researchers and aids. 

Every week I talk through the text with my wife and kids. Their questions and observations are so helpful. Just minutes ago my wife stopped where I was preparing to ask a question about the text. I’ve tried to create a culture of conversation about the Bible in our home for everyone’s benefit. 

Dear small church pastor, be content with your situation and use the means God has given you. Prepare in the strength that he provides and know that his grace is sufficient. Blessings my friend! Press on! He is worthy. To God alone be the glory!