Daily Archives: February 21, 2018

Might Cannot Make Right

Might cannot make right.

In light of the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, it seems that one central issue is being missed. The media – and people on both sides of the political spectrum – are making this a state issue when it is first a domestic issue. Of course, legal measures can be taken to combat such tragedies, and if laws are broken, then the state must get involved. However, President Trump is not the first line of defense on this issue – nor is the military or the police department. The front line in dealing with this issue – and those with the most power to change things – are PARENTS.

Parents, your children are not in charge. They do not know what is best – which is one reason they have parents. Recognize your responsibility to provide for, lead and protect your children from others as well as your responsibility to protect others from your children.

Take steps TODAY to try to prevent such disasters. Sit down today and read your children’s social media posts and messages. Look in their closets and under their beds. If you find something disturbing, deal with it NOW. If my mom had ANY idea I was going to do something like this (and trust me…she would have known because she loved me and got in my business) it would have only happened over her dead body. If you have young children, be involved like this early. If you already have teenagers, get involved now. Love your children…be nosy…sit down and talk to them…know what is going on in their life.

Ultimately, those with the most power and responsibility to stop this are parents and not government officials. I do not mean to say I have it all figured out, and parental responsibility is not the only answer. But it is an important and immediate response to the crisis we have in this country.

Mr. President, do not try to “help” by continuing to take rights from parents. The government does not know what is best for children, so it should stop trying to brainwash them and push its agenda on them.

At the end of the day, the root issue is sin. We are sinners in need of salvation. This world wasn’t meant to have school shootings. These things scream for answers. The ultimate answer is Jesus Christ. He has a new Kingdom that will not have school shootings. You might ask why doesn’t He stop them now? He will. Right now your response needs to be repentance and faith in Jesus.

The world turned their back on God and God loved the world by sending His Son into this world to save it. If you will believe He will save you NOW. Come to Jesus. He is your only hope.

Jesus will make it right!