Daily Archives: May 16, 2019

Humility Precedes Exaltation

As I finish reading 1 Samuel today it struck me that David (the LORD’s anointed) looked more like a wandering vagabond hiding out from one place to the next than the next king of Israel. He was unwanted every where he went.

I was also amazed how the Lord directed his path even when it seemed his path was very crooked. Like when he wanted to go with the Philistines into battle the commanders would not have it. Yet in returning (reluctantly) he found his village burned and empty.

In the providence of God he was sent back to rescue his people. Amazingly, he did not assume this but inquired of the Lord BEFORE going to rescue them. Maybe it was while he prayed that his men wanted to stone him!

It is interesting how helpless and crazy David’s life seemed to be before he was actually king. Humility precedes exaltation.

I heard someone recently say that God draws straight lines with crooked sticks. David’s path appeared crooked to us but in God’s economy it was straight.