Daily Archives: April 2, 2020

1 Corinthians 5 Devotion

1 Corinthians 5

This chapter is hard to read. I mentioned back in chapter 3 that I wished all we had to deal with was jealousy and strife. I knew this chapter was coming and I intentionally said those things to try and read this letter as if I hadn’t read it before.

Why? Have you wondered why Paul did mention this grievous sin first? Could it be that the disunity among them led to their lack of response and, as Paul calls it, arrogance?

Sin, no matter its “size” causes damage. It hardens our hearts and fractures our relationships. By its very nature, sin separates. It puts distance between us and God and each other.

We lack discernment when we are jealous. Strife breeds anger and bitterness. The fact that they are allowing sexual immorality to happen among them and continue on as if nothing is wrong is very telling of them (and any church).

I’m afraid the church is afraid that it would hinder our attempt to reach our community with the gospel to discipline someone in the church for this. Sadly, that is probably just an excuse. We aren’t reaching our community with the gospel.

I’d suggest the community expects the church to say sexual immorality is wrong. I’d suggest they will not listen to you share the gospel with them if they know you are allowing such grievous sin among you. Is that what it looks like to follow Jesus?

Brothers and sisters we must trust God’s ways. We must trust that they are right and good. We must desire to live for the glory of God together. We need each other. May the beauty of Christ compel us to live together like this.