Daily Archives: October 31, 2020

Happy Reformation Day

In all my readings of the Reformation, the first recovery was the Whole Bible but particularly the Greek NT instead of the Latin Vulgate, then followed the Bible’s authority, and then the gospel!

You can’t recover the gospel or hold fast the gospel unless you recover and hold fast the Scriptures!

As long as the priests were the only ones who knew Latin among all the various countries, such as Germany, they had control over what the people could know about God and the gospel. Plus there was rampant immorality among the priests of that day so you can imagine how easy it was for them to deceive the people.

I’ve watched this play out in America with the KJV only push. I’m not saying it was a bad translation but it is somewhat of a foreign language to our American and modern use of English.

I still consult it but I often must use a dictionary to do so. Some of the words used in that translation are rich with meaning but I wouldn’t know that without a dictionary.

I only say that because most people will not take the time to use a dictionary. Most of us do not know what it’s like not to have access to the Bible in a language we can read. What an amazing gift we have.

Let’s not allow a loss of the gospel because THE PEOPLE cannot read the plain text for themselves. As for those who would say that the KJV English is superior, just know the NT Greek was considered Koine/Common Greek NOT Classical Greek.

Let’s be like William Tyndale who was translating the Bible into English and ultimately died for what he sought out to do!

One of the bishops of the church argued with Tyndale, saying that it would be better for the people to have the pope’s law than God’s law. To this comment, Tyndale famously replied, “I defy the pope and his laws! If God spares my life, in a few years a plow boy shall know more of the Scriptures than you do.”