Daily Archives: December 22, 2020

Desiring God

A brief reflection on the parable of the ten virgins:
This story follow the instructions of ch. 24 which tell us not to be misled, learn the parable of the fig tree (know when he is near), and be on alert because you don’t know the exact hour he will come though you will know he is near.
This parable teaches us what it looks like to be on alert. You might think it’s a bit unfair. All ten had kept themselves pure as they awaited the bridegroom. Yet five were foolish; five were not alert. Purity without prudence is loveless. To know the right thing to do and not do it is foolish. Why be pure at all then…and they most certainly should have.
Love is what causes the five to do all they can to be ready to meet the bridegroom. The delaying of the bridegroom reveals those who really long for him. And why would they (we) not love the One who made us pure? Why would we not anticipate his coming and long to go home unless we love this world and the things in it?
How are you doing? Are you eager for for him? Do you have single devotion for him? Even if you reframe from any particular outward acts that would say you love the world but your heart lusts for them then you have committed spiritual adultery. What does the evidence of you life say?
I hope you love Jesus! This Christmas, I hope your anticipation and love for him is renewed! Wherever you find yourself—lacking or longing—Jesus has mercy and grace for us.
I honestly feel distracted and lacking. May the Lord renew my heart because I can’t do this without him.