Daily Archives: February 6, 2021

Psalm 27…Longing for God!

Seek My Face

I read Psalm 27, this morning. Commenting on verses 7-12, Kidner writes, “David gets back to the ‘one thing’ he has set his heart on (4a), and holds on to the fact that the first move, after all, has come from God. *He will not ask for our love (8a) and then withhold his own (9a).”

This *statement jolted me! I’m not sure entirely why. It’s so simple. I guess it reveals in me how I view myself as unloveable. I too easily forget that His heart isn’t fickle like mine. Indeed, He has steadfast love! He is the Initiator!

When you fear, what is the one thing you want?

You can’t fight darkness (evil) with darkness. It must be with light (God! and truth). Just remember what is true of your enemies, “they have stumbled and fell” (past tense!)