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Sermon Manuscript for Lord’s Day 8/21/2022

Here is the link below to download the manuscript if you are interested:

Have you heard people say, “I don’t feel led to do that.” Certainly, there could be something legitimate to this statement. Conviction (I’m already doing too much) or preparedness (I don’t have the proper training for this) or wisdom (I have sought cousel from others and they do not see that I am a fit for this). But sometimes this is used as a means to get out of doing something. I mean I’m not eager for people to do things they do not want to do but let’s make sure we are obeying the Lord and walking through the biblical way to discern what we should and should not do. Though this sermon doesn’t answer everything I mentioned, it does speak to how Jesus uses circumstances and prior discipling to lead us to where he is at work.