Daily Archives: March 12, 2009

Family Fun Friday! Activities

I did not realize until I was asked that I didn’t mention any of our activities for Family night in the previous post. I guess my mind was on that pizza! (Which did turn out very tasty).
Obviously when your children are younger, you have to keep it simple and be a little creative sometimes. Here is a list of some of the things we have done:

*Watch a movie (or episode of Andy Griffith or “Laura” AKA Little House on the Prairie) while we eat pizza.
*Go out to eat, taking our time and sitting at the restaurant visiting with each other.
*Camping trip when weather permits.
*Indoor Campout! Yes, including setting up the tent in the living room and not using any electricity (well, there were a few exceptions).
*During the indoor campout we sat around in our lawn chairs and took turns telling something we were thankful for.
*Build a tent in the living room the way we did as kids: throw a sheet over your dining room chairs; we extended this one time and made a tunnel into the hallway. The kids had a ball crawling back and forth in it!
*Snack Night- everyone chooses their favorite to add to the menu.
*Set up an obstacle course outside and have races.
*Game Night (when the kids get a little older)-everyone chooses a game to play. When they are little you are kind of limited to “Hide and Seek” but you eventually graduate to “Candyland.”
*Go for a drive around down town Fort Worth.
*Read a book together. We have read through part of the Chronicles of Narnia series this way. Jason and I take turns reading chapters aloud while the kids play around listening.
*If we eat in, sometimes we just go out for dessert.
*Go for a walk; when it is comfortable weather, outside, if not, go to a mall and walk.
*Just sit in the kids’ room and play whatever they want!

None of these things may sound like fun to you, but these are things our family enjoys. Each family has to decide what would be fun for each member of their family. It does get a little difficult at times when the ages of your children become more spread out. So I think it is important to plan things that everyone can take part in at some point in the evening. The main thing is to just be together and enjoy your family!