Daily Archives: March 22, 2009

Seminary…things I wish I knew 4 years ago!

As I ponder the last four and half years, I have learned a ton at seminary, yet I have found myself in some extremely difficult places while studying. I am grateful for the men God has placed in my life to teach me how to rightly divide the Word! His Word is the bread of life by which I live. It has not been easy, but it has been a joy.
Here are a few desires for upcoming students:

  1. Be a churchman not merely a seminarian!
  2. Be in a growing relationship with your pastors…at the church that sent you to seminary and at the church you are currently serving in.
  3. Do not study for a grade…the bar is much higher than that.
  4. Encourage your pastors to ask you hard questions about your life…how are you paying for school, how are your relationships (wife, children, family, friends, etc.), and how are you growing in Christ-likeness through the Word and prayer?
  5. Ask your pastors to look over the Syllabus for your classes…they can suggest a schedule and warn or encourage (whatever the case may be) concerning the books you are required to read.
  6. Encourage your pastors to read your papers…this will help as you wrestle with difficult issues.
  7. Do not waste your time but do not be in a hurry to finish…finishing is not the priority but remaining faithful to the Lord everyday…not four years from now!

These suggestions are an attempt to bring the church and the academy to a proper relationship. The academy should be a servant of the church and the student/churchman must work hard to stand firm in this.