Daily Archives: July 15, 2010

Ruth the Moabite

It is of profound significance that we see Ruth the Moabite in great contrast to many Israelites of her day. It was a dark time in the period of the judges. The cycle of apostasy, servitude, supplication, and salvation is extremely clear. Yet, when many in Israel were turning to the idolatry of the nations (or worse mixing their idolatry with God’s ways); nevertheless, Ruth is turning from her gods, abandoning her family, forsaking her inheritance, and turning to the one, true, and living God. This is amazing!
I wonder why Ruth is being drawn to this God who delivered this famine, took her father-in-law, and left her a widow? I have a theory. I believe Ruth was hearing that God had standards and with Him it is not “anything goes.” Yes, I perceive that the gods she worshiped growing up were like the ones king Adoni-bezek in Judges 1 worshiped. This tells me that God revealed Himself through punishing sin.
I assumed Elimelech (that is, one of many) is dodging repentance and thus feminine is in the land (Lev. 26:3-4). If God looks over the sin of His people then He appears to be like the mute idols of the nations. Praise be to GOD for His holiness and jealousy for His name. May we be as zealous for holiness as He that we might bear fruit for God (Rom. 7).