Daily Archives: July 26, 2010

False Gospels

While looking deeply into the issue of church discipline at our church, I discovered my lack of seriousness with those who preach a different gospel. We should seek to find out (especially within our local congregations) what everyone believes about the gospel. If we have family members of differing beliefs, we should discuss the gospel with them to see if we are at least in agreement on the gospel.
Now, once we discover those who believe and teach a false gospel how should we respond? We cannot go on in the relationship like nothing is wrong. We had better begin taking some serious measures. Things like prayer, not having fellowship with them, pointing out what Paul says of those who preach a false gospel, and preach the true gospel to them. When I mention breaking fellowship with them, it does not mean void of contact. In fact, the intention of getting together will drastically change. You will long for the sweet fellowship to be restored. Moreover, the broken fellowship will be a fuel for our gospel preaching.
So, have you taken seriously those who preach a false gospel. Do not continue on with them as if nothing is wrong. Preach the gospel!