Daily Archives: January 22, 2014

The Display of Grace

On this day, the 41st year of Roe v. Wade, a blog post like this should be read. It is a moving story of life in all its forms. If anything, hear how you should respond to such horrific sin with unusual compassion. And for the one who finds herself about to make a decision, I pray this will persuade you to say no. For the one who has already had the abortion, I pray you will be forgiven by the One who came to save sinner like you and me. Agree with God that it is heinous and throw yourself on Christ Jesus. 

Always Follow Christ

Journal Entry on this day January 22, 2013:

How shall I respond? There seems to be various options before a man when he is pressed. These are not completely clear. One seems easy. Another seems hard. Others are less obvious to which of the two previous levels they might lead. Then you realize, “Why is this the first question to be answered?” It’s not. The first question to be asked is “How does God’s word lead me to respond?” I know that answer. Then whether hard or easy makes no difference. I’m following Christ. 

Related–Read Acts 22:

One can be zealously wrong. Zeal is not a definite indicator of truth. This is one thing you don’t want to be wrong about: “Who am I following?” Jesus of Nazareth.