Daily Archives: January 23, 2014

The Cautious Road of Parenting

A year ago this day, my daughter began asking about baptism. This was an exciting time and a cautious time. I did not want to affirm or deny God’s work in her life. I could see it. So, I played the role I was given, namely, answering her questions and praying for her. Here is a quote from my journal a year ago:

She asked me about baptism last night. It was a great conversation. She plans to read about Jesus’s baptism this morning in her quiet time. May it bear fruit in her life. O Holy Spirit teach her. Help her make sense of it. Give her understanding as she thinks about it this morning (and any other time she thinks about it).

I must say,  the Holy Spirit did give her understanding over the next several months. Yes, months. Patience is needed in this matter. I had witnessed God at work in her for a while. Yet I waited for her to ask the questions. So, parents, be ready to answer the questions and diligently pray for them. God is the One who saves. Your role is to tell them the gospel and ask Him to open their eyes. Praise God He is still saving sinners!