3 John Devotional

Would you like to grow along with me as I seek to grow in praying?

This morning, I heard a short devotional exhorting me to plan my prayer time. This comes and goes with me. I’m not sure how I get in such a rut, but I do. However, following Jesus is always work in progress. It is a series of starts and stops. If you find yourself in a rut, repent and start over. He who began a good work in you will complete it. I bank on this promise frequently.

So, I have decided to begin my prayer time with a plea from Psalm 119. I plan to do one verse per day and that’s 176 planned beginnings. I also want to begin my prayer time with some variation of (2 Tim. 3:16-4:1) “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.”

Since by nature, the Scriptures are breathed out by God that makes them profitable. I want Jesus to change me and that can only happen through his word. I need to be taught, reproved, corrected, and trained in righteousness. That should result in a man of God who is complete–which means equipped for every good work.

The next step after praying a verse from Psalm 119 and the 2 Timothy text, I want to respond to the Scriptures that are planned for me to read today. This year, I am reading through the Foundations reading plan with our church family. Many of us (I hope most of us) are reading through this together. This morning, our reading was from 3 John.

This is my response to 3 John by praying the Truth of God’s Word back to Him.

“Father, thank you for the truth of this letter. Lord, I too desire to be an elder/pastor. But may Your will be done, not mine. Your will and Your way are the only way.

I ask for brothers like Gaius to walk with in the truth. What a gift to have brothers and sisters like this. What an amazing thought it is to be beloved of the Lord.

John prayed for him in all respects to prosper. Help me to know my brothers and sisters like this and pray for them. Though physical health is not primary, may our family and church family be in good health that we might serve You all the more. But most importantly, may our souls prosper.

May our souls prosper by walking in the truth. Keep us, Lord, in the truth. Your Word is the Truth. May we abide in Christ. May we be filled with the Holy Spirit. Give us joy in You…in Your truth and from Your truth. May it give us joy to see each other walking in the truth.

I ask that you would help me see how my brothers and sisters are walking in the truth and encourage them to press on in it. May our love give testimony to Your truth. You are worth walking in Your ways. May others see You in us.

Sometimes I am not sure if I am doing the right thing. Thank you for helping me see John encouraging his beloved brother by affirming that he was acting faithfully towards his brothers and especially strangers.

Would strangers testify to my love before the church? I’m afraid that I am lacking in my love of strangers. I’m not sure that they would but Father cause this word to ignite a love for strangers in my life.

May I be…may we be known for our love of sending faithful brothers out in gospel ministry. And Father, please, may I be sent out and go out for the sake of the Name, not accepting anything from the Gentiles. May I/we be fellow workers for the truth!

Please, Lord, may I never love to be first. If I do, please call attention to it through Your people and may I hear and repent. Keep me from conforming to that which is evil.

And, Lord, I hope to see You soon–face to face! In Christ…amen!

About Jason and Kimberly

Jason is the pastor of Union Hill Baptist Church in Goodlettsville, TN. Kimberly homeschools our three awesome kids. We enjoy being together as a family in wherever so long as we are together! Grace and peace to you in the Lord Jesus Christ! If you have any questions or would like to chat you can contact me at pastor@unionhillbaptistchurch.com. View all posts by Jason and Kimberly

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