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How should we do Theology?

I haven’t reread my old blog posts but I know the road travel since I wrote this one in 2007. I would say things differently but not too much. But I can say the road traveled since I wrote this has very much attempted to do the hard word of unearthing the glorious treasures in the Word. Not to believe something new but to see it for myself and check my work with the time-tested confessions. I’m interested in revisiting my blog posts to see how the Lord has changed me. So, I begin with my very first post.

The Word Is Not Imprisoned

On Systematic Theology: Reading Scripture Resulting in Biblical Theology Resulting in Systematic Theology 

We, the church, have found ourselves, at least some of us, with seemingly strong theological conclusions, however, we have hardly any idea how we developed these conclusions. Like the saying of any good math teacher, “Show your work even though the answer may be in the back of the book. The answer is not the answer unless you show your work.” How do we teach theological conclusions or systematic theology and not teach someone how to unearth that conclusion? Simple, we tend to preach and teach someone else’s conclusions. This has a lasting effect on the church which results in an unequipped body. This must change. There is a way to preach and teach the Bible by which you feed the sheep and delicately show them how to read the Scriptures.

If you pick up any…

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