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from the hospital- 10/24/07

October 24, 2007

My condition is the same. The baby is still doing well. A friend came by to visit and shared that she also had a complete previa with one of her children. She ended up delivering in an emergency situation at 33 weeks, without steroids. This was very encouraging to hear, since I would never have known this by looking at her now six year old daughter. She prayed over me before she left.

We have an offer for family to come help us. After prayer, we decided Jason’s mom is the right choice to come at this time.

It is one thing for someone to say they will pray for you, but there is something special about someone stopping to literally lay hands on you and pray. I realize that we can’t always be there in person and I am extremely thankful for all those who prayed from a distance. I just encourage you (and I am pointing back at myself) to take the time, if possible, to pray over someone in person or on the phone in the middle of the situation. Let us just be careful not to do this to be seen by others, or in any way lift ourselves up.

To be continued…