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from the hospital- 10/25,26/07

October 25, 2007

More friends visited and prayed over us today. Praise: Jason’s mom arrived safely and other financial gifts have been given.

October 26, 2007 Friday

The pregnancy complication that brought me here has ended. Maybe I will get to go home on Monday. We still got to have our Family Fun Friday Night. Jason, the girls, and his mom came up; we ordered a pizza and watched a movie!

Getting to have our Friday night together meant a great deal to me. “Family Fun Friday” is a tradition we began about three years ago. We plan for it all week sometimes. Whether we go out or stay at home, it is always an evening that we focus on being together and having fun as a family (hence the name!) As the children are growing up, we have seen this is a perfect set-up in place for a special family devotion as well. I hope we can share some of those as they develop.