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Acts 2 Devotion

Acts 2

The setting is Pentecost which is a celebration to God for the harvest! It is fifty days after Passover.

You might say on this particular Passover the Seed (of David) was planted in the soil and due to the implications of that, a new harvest will come.

Indeed, the promised Holy Spirit comes! Eden is being restored for now the Presence of God is restored. God can remain with His people because the ransom had been paid!

Therefore, those who received the gift of the Holy Spirit took the Presence of God into Jerusalem that day! You might think the miraculous gift of speaking in other tongues would be enough to convince others to believe but it’s not. Another miracle must take place.

Peter preaches Christ and calls them to repentance and faith. And guess what happens? A harvest of souls is gathered on Pentecost!

So what? If you are trusting and treasuring Christ you have the same Holy Spirit/ Presence of God. One of the primary results of the indwelling Spirit is the forth-telling of God’s Word and the gospel.

We are His witnesses of grace! He has given us the Spirit. The resurrection is certain (don’t worry about what might happen to you…not a hair of your head will perish).

Tell someone about God’s amazing grace today. You never know, a harvest may come. We are just farmers who sow seed and wait for God to give the harvest.