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Acts 6 Devotion

Acts 6

More trouble WITHIN the fellowship. It’s no coincidence that verse 1 and 7 are almost identical. What happens between them is meant to say something threatens the increasing of disciples within the body.

Ananias and Sapphira threatened this in Acts 5. For all that we might love about the early church, its beginnings were not simple. Problems arise yet they must respond to them or risk the problems taking over.

The point is, the Lord dealt with Ananias and Sapphira. The apostles led by the Spirit responded to the complaint. Both spiritual and physical needs must be met. Loving God cannot be separated from loving people.

The result? Verse 7…the word of God continued to increase and the number of disciples multiplied.

What complicates this in the church today is that many problems have been avoided and they have caused much damage and they are still firmly rooted. The wisdom of how to work through them and not destroy the fellowship is HARD!

May the Lord grant great wisdom in our day to erode the past problems and protect us from creating new ones along the way. We need a revival…a great movement of the Spirit for it to happen quickly or slow patient leadership to lead on for the glory of God.

May His word increase and the disciples multiply!