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Acts 8 Devotion

Acts 8

The common thread woven through this chapter is the spoken Word. I say “spoken” because I’m afraid that some hear the word “preach” as a technical term that only male preachers can do (which is true for that office).

But all believers have been given the Spirit. All are witnesses. Speaking the gospel is not limited to just the “professionals.” All believers go about sowing seed!

This first story in Samaria reminds me of Israel’s slavery in Egypt. The people give attention to Philip’s signs and Simon’s magic arts. It must be said that they cannot merely tack Jesus on to their love of magic just as a Hindu cannot add Jesus onto their list of gods.

Yet, you see the gospel spreading! In fact, the Lord had plans to send the gospel to Ethiopia.

On a *desert road Philip speaks to a eunuch (a desert man if you get the connection). Christ is proclaimed from Isaiah 53 and this fruitless man believes. Indeed, they see water in the desert! This man becomes fruitful because of the gospel!

So, we must see our calling, church. Sometimes we are gathered to worship our King. Other times we are scattered spreading the good news of the Kingdom. The gospel is miraculous! It turns deserts into plentiful lands! Go speak the gospel.