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Acts 9 Devotion

Acts 9

A display of amazing grace! What can you say about the love of Jesus when he calls a terrorist to come follow him? Well, we all were enemies of God so we aren’t much different.

This chapter is just dripping with irony! Saul goes to Damascus to find those who follow “the Way” but on “the way” (road is the same word) Jesus (The Way) “appears to him on the way.”

The picture of his story is not so different than ours. If we could see a replay of our conversion from God’s point of view it would amaze us. Just take Saul’s to be a good visual of yours!

What is further amazing is how quickly he proclaims Jesus as the Son of God (this is the ultimate point of controversy for world). He also proves that Jesus is the Christ! He is *with the disciples. He has already made disciples. They are the ones who let him down in the basket!

Are you telling the gospel? Are with other disciples? Are you making disciples?

Verse 31 is a summary of the progress of the fulfillment of Acts 1:8. Saul is a chosen instrument to begin the rest of 1:8—to the ends of the earth…the nations!

Rejoice former enemy of God because He has displayed such mercy and grace on you. And enemy of God now adopted child of God go make more children of God by proclaiming Jesus as the Son of God and the Christ!