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Acts 16 Devotion

Acts 16

You can’t read this chapter and not know for certain that the Holy Spirit/the Spirit of Christ is leading Paul and his companions while they are seeking opportunities to speak the word (some place they go the Lord forbids them to speak).

The group ends up in Macedonia. The first encounter with Lydia is not surprising. They were looking for people at places of prayer.

The next encounter is not how they planned nor would they had ever crossed paths with had not particular events *happened.

It began with a slave-girl who had a spirit of divination. The key indicator that this was the Lord’s plan comes by way of the first words of v.16…”It happened.”

There was a jailer that the Lord was pursuing and the disaster that happened with the slave-girl caused them to cross paths with this man.

Isn’t it amazing how the Lord works! Problems aren’t random. They are often putting us on the right path. If you are submitted to the Lord trust that he is leading you even when problems arise. Also trust that he is in pursuit of those whom he intends to save. Speak the gospel and the Lord opens their hearts to believe. Wow!