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Acts 13 Devotion

Acts 13

Isn’t it amazing to see the Lord sowing the seed of the Word in new fields! I’m just so thankful to God when I see that Word take root and sprout.

Paul and Barnabas, led by the Holy Spirit, go about spreading the good news. In new places, people respond to the gospel. Paul and Barnabas move on to the next place (or field).

What strikes me is the fact that when they spoke the Word and people received salvation, they were leaving Jesus with them!

Over and over again they were planting the gospel that will soon spread from those Jesus followers to more followers to more followers.

If you could watch this unfold from above, how that tiny seed of the gospel began to spread like a fire it would encourage us to do the same.

Imagine you share the gospel with the person who checks you out at Walmart. Imagine there are no believers there. That clerk responds to the gospel and you have left Jesus in that Walmart…her/his family.

That clerk begins to share at work and it spreads. What will you do with the gospel today? As the Spirit leads, tuck it away in some soil somewhere and see what the Lord will do!