Acts 14-15 Devotion

Acts 14-15

Making disciples is more than sharing the gospel. This has proven to be a problem within the church for years, now. Yet, there is an awakening to biblical discipleship that is changing within the church even now! And for that I am grateful and hopeful.

Both chapters demonstrate this need to check on, strengthen, and encourage. The last verse in 14 blew me away…”And they spent a *long time with the disciples.”

Do they have time to do this? Is it not MORE productive to keep pressing on to more fields and just entrust these new believers to the Lord?

I am convinced that it is counterproductive to do otherwise. If you make disciples that make disciples rather than ONLY adding disciples you will more than likely make more disciples.

It takes time…a long time, perhaps. And it is worth the time. Over and over the Gospels make very clear that Jesus was WITH THE DISCIPLES. You can’t teach, strength, or encourage if you are not somehow with them.

I think most do not see any NEED of it. Let me say this without any reservations…our doctrine of assurance should NEVER hinder us from doing biblical discipleship as Paul did here in Acts.

THEY MAY NOT BE “GOOD TO GO”! All who are Christ’s will endure to the end but hear this…we must endure to the end by faith. The Lord has ordained the means by which we persevere and that involves following up and spending time with each other.

We must do better. Our gatherings must change…indeed they are changing and it is changing us! It prepares us when we scatter. We are more productive in the fields when we have been strengthened and encouraged by each other.

These daily messages are my meager attempt to encourage you to press on by faith is Jesus! He’s worth it! Keep your eyes on Him!

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